Week 6: Creating a Voice Thread

Today I created a voice thread about learning theorist Roger Schank and his theory of goal-based scenarios. The voice thread can be viewed at the following link: http://voicethread.com/share/2285023/

Creating the voice thread was not a difficult process but it was a lot more time consuming than I had initially thought. I spent a day research Roger Schank and his theory of goal-based learning. I spent another day looking for relevant videos online to help explain his theory. Then today I created a PowerPoint and script and created the actual voice thread.

One thing that really frustrated me was that there was no way to upload YouTube videos directly to the voice thread. I was also frustrated because I could not embed the videos in the PowerPoint either. I did find a workaround however, and I recorded the videos using Jing and then uploaded the Jing files to the voice thread. This did diminish the visual quality of the videos, but since I really only cared about the audio it didn’t matter too much.

Another thing that frustrated me was that every time I wanted to change something on a PowerPoint slide I had uploaded I had to re-upload the slide. If I had already left a comment on the slide the comment was deleted along with the old slide. I feel like I spent a lot of time re-recording my comments because of this. In the future I plan on creating my PowerPoint and script first, then uploading everything once I know it’s perfect, and recording all of my comments last.

Some things I liked about creating the voice thread was like I said before – it was really easy. I also liked being able to create a series of short comments instead of one long narration as in a slidecast. I think that the finished product looks really professional and polished and I’m sure that I will be creating more voice threads in the future.

This week I will be visiting everyone else’s voice threads and commenting on them. I am looking forward to learning about all of the different modern learning theorists. I will also be starting a new project with Kayleigh Williams focusing on the future theorist, Stephen Downes. More on that next week.


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