Week: 3 Instructional Design Odds & Ends

This past week I did a variety of things for my Principles of Multimedia and Courseware Design class. First I looked over the interactive multimedia quality checklist to see what the class came up with. I completely agreed with all of the criteria listed and wasn’t really surprised that there was a lot that I didn’t consider initially. After reviewing the twenty-three different points listed under pedagogical, learner interface, and technical criteria I realized what there is so much bad multimedia out there. There is a lot to remember and take into account in the design that aspects may get forgotten or neglected due to lack of time, funding, and expertise. This checklist will be helpful in designing multimedia in the future.

I also watched a TED Talks on Siftables, small computerized tiles like blocks. I have seen the video before and it never ceases to amaze me. I had never thought of creating small blocklike computers that could communicate with one another as you “play” with them. I wonder if the person that came up with the idea of siftables thought of it while playing with blocks or watching a child play with blocks. It was also interesting how the siftables captivated both children and adults, but the youngest beta tester, a toddler, only viewed them as blocks and nothing more.

I also started to explore different theorists in instructional design. I have been researching Edward L. Thorndike, an American psychologist whose work led to the theory of connectionism. I would say more, but I’m creating a screencast about him with fellow classmate, Katie Hatch that we will be sharing later.


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